Jolly Box

We are so excited! It's that time of the year again andddd this the season to be sharing some joy and Kapowballs all around! We are proud to present to you Jolly Box!

We have curated 3 new flavours for this Christmas season and boy are you in for a special treat! From our Gingerbread Ball to Rum Ball which has a jelly made with Captain Morgan Spiced Rum and a mulled wine jelly surprise that is in our Wine Ball as well. 

Each ball has their own unique flavour profiles that will definitely set you in the mood and bring back all the Christmas feels! Enjoy sharing some balls around!


Jolly Box includes

  • Rum Ball 
  • Wine Ball
  • Gingerbread Ball
  • Kopi Ball
  • After 8 ball
  • Pump ball


Each box contains 18 balls 

Storage : Best kept and eaten chilled, can be kept up to 2 weeks

Calories Carbs Fat Protein

Rum Ball

66 11g 2g 1g
Wine Ball 90 8g 6g 2g
Gingerbread Ball 50 9g 1g 2g
Kopi Ball 53 3g 3g 4g
After Eight Ball 60 6g 4g 2g
Pump Ball 76 8g 4g 2g