Kapowballs is co founded by dynamic duo sisters and was established in October 2017. Linessa Low who is our main baker and pastry chef and Linora Low who is a Radio Announcer, Emcee and Fitness Ambassador. Both are passionate about feeding the world with good food, in the process help encourage others to enjoy simple treats. 

Here at Kapowballs, everything that we serve is made fresh and have been carefully thought through and experimented using only the finest ingredients including extra virgin coconut oil and raw wild honey to give you the best quality of homemade treats! 

All of our Kapowballs are tested and approved by Linora to make sure the macros of each ball is suitable for your diet! Made mostly with dried fruits, nuts, flax seed, rolled oats and protein powder, our bite sized Kapowballs are great ball poppers when you're on the go! 

Thank you for taking the time to visit us and we hope to feed you soon. :)

God Bless!